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Rumaneh's Story

Thank you for stopping! Bisan here, creator of Rumaneh - my passion project. I am a lover of all things creating, art, growing, and nature. Rumaneh was born from those magical elements and meant to enrich your life.

In the daytime, you’ll find me working with children with special needs at an elementary school on Milwaukee’s southside. Outside of that, you can find me dreaming up new mixes and potions for Rumaneh. Friends and family fill me up, and I soak up all the sunshine when it’s warm, always in search of beauty and new adventures.

I come from proud Palestinian heritage that grows and creates from the giving land. Here I am honoring that tradition by creating products with pure, natural and nourishing ingredients. Rumaneh means pomegranate in Arabic, and reflects my intention to plant seeds of love and healing. My products are created in hope of encouraging self-care, so that the world can benefit from our full, abundant selves!

Thank you for your support and good energy!



About Rumaneh

Rumaneh Nourish comes from a tradition of growing and creating using simple, natural and nourishing ingredients to make pure products. The rumaneh (pomegranate in Arabic) brings this to life, in memory of my grandparents’ garden in Palestine. These products reflect my good intention, love for art and belief in the healing power of connecting to the earth and all that it offers. Rumaneh supports self-care, to multiply the good energy of your work in the world.